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Metal façade covering

Façade coverings

Any outdoor wall needs an exterior covering, i.e. a façade. There are numerous options with various features for covering an exterior wall. Classic exterior façades are plaster façades, clinker brick, façades cladded with cheap plastic or façade coverings made from environmentally friendly wood. Conventional wall coverings thus differ from metal sheet coverings.
Wood façade coverings soon show wear induced by environmental factors, so they lose their beauty quickly. Plastic façades are quite resistant and offer a broad range of colour options while being easily processed. But they are rarely, if ever, visually pleasing. Popular plaster façades provide the best price-performance ratio and are applied in a very short time, but we are all familiar with the look of façades discoloured by exhaust fumes and environmental impacts. Plaster´s product features also ensure limited durability. If the plaster structure starts crumbling or cracking, the façade needs to be treated to avoid permanent damage to the walls beneath. Clinker brick façades are long-lasting. To sheath a wall in clinker, however, is time- and cost-consuming, processing flexibility is low, applying insulation afterwards is expensive, and the covering is quite thick-layered.

None of these façade covering options provides the brilliant, long-lasting features in façade design that metal façade coverings offer. We process metal surfaces to be used for façades to equip them with a uniquely appealing appearance.
   Metal façade covering


Metal façade covering

With modern metal façade coverings, flexible processing and individual sheet dimensioning permit quick attachment of individual façade sheets to their respective substructure using suitable fixtures, adjusting them to the respective building´s geometric features. Sheet dimensions can be cut out according to the requirements for constructing the façades. In this, material thickness and weight may vary. Depending on façade substructure stability, smaller or thinner sheets may be mounted. More robust structures permit larger, thicker sheet dimensions for façade design.
We process metal façade units which do not merely impress the viewer by their extraordinary surface characteristics. They are also highly suitable for creating outdoor wall cladding thanks to their superior resistance and durability. Processing and combining different metals is possible, to produce façade coverings with an extraordinary appearance.

It doesn´t always have to be a fully covered panel façade. Alternatively, pipe structures can be used to produce a partial façade. Just take a look at our Lakhta Center, St. Petersburg reference project where we have processed blasted pipes to create this look.

As manufacturers, we can process end profiles and edge profiles for façade finishing as well as a broad range of sheet dimensions.

For façade mounting we offer e.g. stainless steel with an extremely long product life (unlike regular steel) or aluminium, a popular material due to easy processing and low-weight characteristics (depending on thickness and sheet dimensions). Copper and other metals can also be used to design façades. We process metal surfaces according to our customer´s requirements. Please contact us for information on use of other metal options.

decorative pattern  
Depending on your project ideas, we can produce smooth or rough surface panels. We polish, grind or blast façade panels for customers within and outside of Germany. Besides full-surface matting we can also blast decorative patterns onto plane panels to provide unusual and appealing detail solutions. For this, we apply patterns and themes in individual design to contrast against the processed surface. Examples are continuous designs (stripes, checks, circles etc.) or other, more fanciful shapes, logos, lettering etc. We thus create façade panels aligned with the architecture - ranging from simple matte to brilliantly mirroring appearances. We dimension all sheets according to project requirements. Our equipment will easily process large format and special sized sheets into beautiful façade panels.

With such façades you have an enduring, easy-to-maintenance solution with many positive characteristics for your exterior wall. If the substructure puts limits to panel weight we suggest using aluminium to cover the façade.
To better protect façade panels against staining, we coat panels with Easy2Clean anti-fingerprint finish. This renders façade sheets even more resistant against environmental influences. The unit´s colour changes only slightly due to this finish.
With metal façade panels you will achieve a façade more beautiful and glowing than with any other façade covering. Even though costs may exceed those of other exterior wall claddings, the positive features and characteristics are well worth it.


Aluminium façade covering

Aluminium façade covering

Thanks to aluminium´s material characteristics, processing it is uncomplicated even with large-sized sheets. It is easily bendable which permits flexible application of façade panels. Even creating curved structures and outer corners is possible in façade cladding.

From large-format façade paness to small-dimensioned façade units we can process objects in all sizes. Thanks to aluminium´s material characteristics, surfaces can be treated in many different ways. Depending on whether the blasting grit or abrasive used is fine-grained or coarse-grained, the resulting aluminium façade will appear more matte or rough. Regardless of which façade design you choose - with an aluminium façade you will always have a cutting-edge modern building covering. With 100% recycling potential and lower weight generating less CO2 emissions during transport, it is the environmentally friendly choice.

Aluminium façade units can also be treated with Easy2Clean anti-fingerprint coating. This will protect the aluminium façade from oxidation and dirt, it is rendered more resistant and easily cleanable without using chemical agents.


Stainless steel façade covering


Stainless steel façade covering

Stainless steel façades are extremely long-life building envelopes and, as durable façade covering, may be used for decades. They are UV resistant and easy to clean even without chemical agents, which helps the environment. We polish stainless steel surfaces, resulting in high-class coverings that are very smooth and easy to maintain. Our polished or blasted panels are very suitable for understated designs where a reflecting façade covering would be too glossy. Through usage of PVD/TiN techniques we can produce coloured façade materials. We manufacture a broad colour assortment, ranging from gold, rose gold, brass, champagne, copper, bronze to black. All positive characteristics of the façade material remain unchaged. We can apply colour coating to smoothly polished, blasted and grinded surfaces alike. 
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Façade covering reference products

Our Products

Want to know more about our product range and sheets for façade coverings? For more product information please visit our web site. Our Sales department is at your service for advice. We shall be happy to provide a sample.

If you are interested in a brilliant, easy-to-clean metal cover for your own façade we shall be happy to send you an offer for the materials required while helping to contact a skilled façade construction contractor.

Mr. Schollenberger is ready to receive your inquiry: or phone: 07147 2208-27
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Colour Polishing Blasting Grinding

Our references for façades

Find an overview of all references and project ideas on façades for which our company has produced the surfaces at: References - Façade covering
A selection of current projects:

BMW Welt Munich

Porsche Museum Stuttgart

Lakhta Center St. Petersburg

Musee des Confluences Lyons

BMW Welt Munich
Porsche Museum Stuttgart Lakhta Center St. Petersburg Musee des Confluences Lyons
Façade and interior paneling in evenly blasted stainless steel. Special feature: sheets in varying sizes, thicknesses and angles. Individually cut parts.
Fully suspended ceiling in the building with one-sided mirror-polished stainless steel sheets finished with slight directional grinding. Special feature: customized surface according to customer specifications.
Façade for what is currently the highest building in Russia, made from regularly blasted, square-cut stainless steel pipes. 17000 unevenly sized, evenly blasted stainless steel façade sheets.
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