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Innovative Metal Surfaces
for architecture, facades, shop fitting, elevators ...

Innovative surface finishing on stainless-steel and other metals from our own production in Sachsenheim

Hightech surfaces on stainless steel and other metals for architecture (facades), shop fitting, elevators, Yacht building, artworks, machine covers, automotive and much more different applications / areas where speciality is requested.
We offer short Response and delivery times, no Minimum order volume and a high producing capacaty. Due to 20 years of rich experience we provide a high-end Level of Quality and reproducibility of all surfaces.

We are experts for super mirror polishing (supermirror No.8) of stainless steel, glass bead blasting, speacial grindings (e.g. hairline, Vibration grinding), PVD/TiN coulour coating in many colours and Treatment with Easy2Clean coating (Antifingerprint) for an easier cleaning and a higher dirt resistance of all metal surfaces. Special size dimenstions are feasible in all surface Technologies. More about our Machinery and processing possibilities.


Our surfaces

Due to our wide range of machinery we are able to offer you many different surfaces in a high-end Level of quality - also in combination with each other. All done by one supplier.
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Mirror polishing No.8


PVD/TiN colour-coating for stainless-steel


Glass bead blasting

Hochglanzpolieren, Spiegelpolieren No.8 auf Edelstahl
Edelstahl in Farbe. PVD/TiN Farbbeschichten
Glasperlenstrahlen, Keramikperlstrahlen, Edelkorundstrahlen
Super mirror gloss polished stainless-steel surfaces, similar to a glass mirror.
By PVD/TiN colour-coating the stainless-steel surface can be permanently coloured in different colours 
For reaching a matt and fine surface, we blast it with glass beads, caramic beads or high-grade corundum.

Grinding and brushing


Easy2Clean coating


Anti-Slip stainless-steel sheets

Schleifen und Bürsten in verschiedenen Rautiefen
Easy2Clean Coating (Antifingerprint)
  Rutschhemmende Edelstahl-Bleche
Besides grinding in desired roughness depth, we also grind metal surfaces with vibration, hairline, criss-corss, diagonal, longitudinal and cross grinding.
Surface protection against dirt and corrosion with our transparent Easy2Clean (Antifingerprint) nano-coating.
Blasted or grinded stainless-steel anti-slip surfaces for cooling rooms, hospitals, lift-industry,...


All surface Treatments can be combined

For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on +49 (0)7147/2208-0 or by e-mail to
Gerhard-Rummler-Str. 2
D-74343 Sachsenheim

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Are at your service as affiliated companies as since September 1st, 2017
Are at your service as affiliated companies as since September 1st, 2017
INOX-COLOR GmbH Co.KG, Walldürn
are at your service as affiliated companies as since September 1st, 2017.

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