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Numerous designs in many colour variations

Pattern-rolled Sheets

Pattern-rolled and decorative sheets

Textured sheets are cold-rolled stainless steel sheets with a surface pattern. The surface of pattern-rolled and decorative-milled sheets is resistant against fingerprints, scratches or other signs of wear. They are thus highly suitable for indoor and outdoor wall coverings, fašades, lift cabins, escalators, sanitary rooms, counters and bars, cold storage units and showcases, as well as for many other applications.
We distinguish between pattern-rolled and decorative sheets

Textured sheets

The upper and lower rollers confer an embossed structure to the pattern-rolled sheet. This roll embossing also makes the sheet firmer and stiffer, allowing a reduction in thickness. This reduces weight while maintaining sheet stability.
The sheet structure ensures a lower surface friction resistance. Pattern-rolled sheets 5WL and 6WL, for instance, are highly suitable for goods transportation in the food and drink, packaging, and paper manufacturing industries.

Decorative rolled sheets

A decorative rolled sheet has a pattern on its upper surface only, with the inner surface remaining evenly polished. Both types of textured sheets can be delivered in a broad range of patterns.
Linen optics
Check pattern
Diamond pattern
Leather optics
PiquÚ pattern

Textured surface in linen optics

Pattern-rolled linen nature - DF LI   Pattern-rolled linen gold - DF LI GO   Pattern-rolled linen bronze - DF LI BR   Pattern-rolled linen copper - DF LI CO   Pattern-rolled linen black - DF LI BL gold DF LI GO bronze DF LI BR copper DF LI CO black DF LI BL
  Pattern-rolled linen brass - DF LI BRA   Pattern-rolled linen champagner - DF LI CH   Pattern-rolled linen blue - DF LI BLU    
nature DF LI   brass DF LI BRA   champagner DF LI CH   blue DF LI BLU  

Textured surface with check pattern

Check pattern nature - DF KA   Check pattern gold - DF KA GO   Check pattern bronze - DF KA BR   Check pattern copper - DF KA CO   Check pattern black - DF KA BL gold DF KA GO bronze DF KA BR copper DF KA CO black DF KA BL
  Check pattern brass - DF KA BRA   Check pattern champagner - DF KA CH   Check pattern blue - DF KA BLU    
nature DF KA   brass DF KA BRA  
  blue DF KA BLU  

Textured surface with diamond pattern

Rhomboide pattern nature DF RA   Rhomboide pattern gold - DF RA GO   Rhomboide pattern bronze - DF RA BR   Rhomboide pattern copper - DF RA CO   Rhomboide pattern black - DF RA BL gold DF RA GO bronze DF RA BR copper DF RA CO black DF RA BL
  Rhomboide pattern brass - DF RA BRA   Rhomboide pattern champagner - DF RA CH   Rhomboide pattern blue - DF RA BLU    
nature DF RA   brass DF RA BRA   champagner
  blue DF RA BLU  

Textured surface in leather optics

Leather look nature - DF LEA   Pattern-rolled leather look in gold - DF LEA GO   Pattern-rolled leather look in bronze - DF LEA BR   Pattern-rolled leather look in copper - DF LEA CO   Pattern-rolled leather look in black - DF LEA BL gold DF LEA GO bronze DF LEA BR copper DF LEA CO black DF LEA BL
  Pattern-rolled leather look in brass - DF LEA BRA   Pattern-rolled leather look in Champagner - DF LEA CH   Pattern-rolled leather look in blue - DF LEA BLU    
nature DF LEA   brass DF LEA BRA   champagner 
  blue DF LEA BLU  

Textured surface in piquÚ pattern

Pattern-rolled sheet with pique design - DF PI   Pattern-rolled sheet with pique design in gold - DF PI GO   Pattern-rolled sheet with pique design in bronze - DF Pi BR   Pattern-rolled sheet with pique design in copper - DF PI CO   Pattern-rolled sheet with pique design in black - DF PI BL gold DF PI GO bronze DF PI BR copper DF PI CO black DF PI BL
  Pattern-rolled sheet with pique design in brass - DF PI BRA   Pattern-rolled sheet with pique design in champagner - DF PI CH   Pattern-rolled sheet with pique design in inco blue - DF PI BLU    
nature DF PI   brass DF PI BRA   champagner
  blue DF PI BLU  

Pattern-rolled / structure-rolled 5WL

5WL Pattern-rolled sheet   5WL Pattern-rolled sheet in gold - DF 5WL GO   5WL Pattern-rolled sheet in bronze   5WL Pattern-rolled sheet in copper - DF 5WL C   5WL Pattern-rolled sheet in black - DF 5WL BL gold DF 5WL GO bronze DF 5WL BL copper DF 5WL CO black DF 5WL CH
  5WL Pattern-rolled sheet in brass - DF 5WL BRA   5WL Pattern-rolled sheet in champagner - DF 5WL CHA   5WL Pattern-rolled sheet in inco blau - DF 5WL BLU    
nature DF 5WL   brass
  blue DF 5WL BLU  

Pattern-rolled / structure-rolled 6WL

6WL pattern-rolled sheet - DF 6WL   6WL pattern-rolled sheet in gold - DF 6WL GO   6WL pattern-rolled sheet in bronze - DF 6WL BR   6WL pattern-rolled sheet in copper - DF 6WL CO   6WL pattern-rolled sheet in black - DF 6WL BL gold DF 6WL GO bronze DF 6WL BR copper DF 6WL CO black DF 6WL BL
  6WL pattern-rolled sheet in brass - DF 6WL BRA   6WL pattern-rolled sheet in champagner - DF 6WL CH   6WL pattern-rolled sheet in inco blue - DF 6WL BLU    
nature DF 6WL   brass DF 6WL BRA   champagner 
  blue DF 6WL BLU  
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