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Stainless steel surfaces in lift construction

Stainless steel surfaces in lift construction 

Aufzugsinterieur mit Edelstahl
A lift is not merely a means to negotiate floor levels. Lift doors and ports can become a design element in hotel, shopping center or office building entrance areas.

The lift interior can also be clad in metal sheets. Other than using traditional, naturally-looking stainless steel, we can also cover lift doors or interiors with stainless steel in different metal colours, TiN-tinted by PVD technique. Our broad range of flexible surfacing technologies such as mirror polishing, glass bead polishing, brushing, vibration grinding, criss-cross grinding etc. leaves almost nothing to be desired design-wise. We can also apply patterns to surfaces, thus aligning lift design with the building's overall style.

Anti-slip sheets for lift or platform lift floors are also part of our production; we provide different anti-slip grades as required.

We supply and consult lift manufacturers on suitable materials and surfaces.
In the lift button area Easy2Clean coating proves very useful, since it allows for easy and spotless removal of dirt and fingerprints from blasted or grinded metal surfaces.
Product information
Lift construction reference projects

Our products

Want to know more about our product range and sheets for lift construction? For more product information please visit our web site. Our Sales department is at your service for advice. We shall be happy to provide a sample.

Mr. Schollenberger is ready to receive your inquiry: oder Tel: 07147 2208-27
Colour Polishing Blasting Grinding Easy2Clean
Blasting Grinding Easy2Clean

Our references for lift construction

Find an overview of all references and project ideas on lift construction for which our company has produced the surfaces at: Referenzen - Aufzugsbau
A selection of current projects:
Störtebeker Haus, Hamburg   Procter and Gamble, Düsseldorf   Allianz, Unterföhring  
Procter and Gamble
  Türen und Türzargen ganzflächig glasperlgestrahlt mit EG3
Executed in stainless steel and
brass CuZn 37, mirror polished
Lift doors with negative glass bead blasting and traditional pattern.
Executed in stainless steel
Executed in stainless steel Wst. No. 1.4301 

Doors and door frames with full-surface
glass bead blasting, mid-range (EG3)

Amount: ca. 25 t 
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Are at your service as affiliated companies as since September 1st, 2017
Are at your service as affiliated companies as since September 1st, 2017
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are at your service as affiliated companies as since September 1st, 2017.

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