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Stainless steel surfaces used in yacht construction

Exclusive, high-grade surfaces

Ship- and yacht building
For ship- and yacht building it is important to use a material able to withstand aggressive marine climes, and which remains corrosion-resistant in the long term. Stainless steel is the natural choice, and lends beauty to cruise ships, yachts and ferry boats. It offers a broad scope of uses, e.g. piping for railings, handrails, pipe conduit systems, fittings, covers, design objects, pool basins, stairways.
Stainless steel surfaces require little maintenance, they are robust and versatile. We polish stainless steel with mirror finish to achieve a mirror surface. With blasted surfaces we create an evenly matte appearance. Various grinding techniques provide structure to the material. In-house, we produce hairline, vibration, diagonal, criss-cross and many other grinding types in various depths.
For colouring stainless steel we use the PVD/TiN process. This creates a classy, high-quality surface. The colour is permanent and resists even saltwater spray environments. Through colouring, we achieve different metal looks such as gold, at a fraction of the cost.
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